An Update Message from Barbara Williamson

An Update Message from Barbara Williamson

I took an extended vacation from blogging to update my book. The wonderful enhancements are reflected in a new cover design and title. Say hello to “FREE LOVE and The Sexual Revolution”!

This volume commemorates the birth of Sandstone Retreat and the pivotal role John and I played in the sexual revolution of late 1960’s and early 1970’s. People were crying to be freed from repressed sexuality, guilt, jealousy, possessiveness, alienation, lies and deceit. Once we gave them a taste of freedom, there was no going back.

The path of history is littered with revolutions. Most of them were fought by people who were oppressed by another and wanted desperately to oppress themselves. Look at the Puritans who fought and died for the right to chain themselves to a rigid social order. Republics overthrew monarchies, communists overthrew capitalists, and anarchists overthrew everything. Never before in history had anyone recognized the need for a sexual revolution that put the nature back in human nature.

There were many CEO’s and, other Entrepreneurs creating traditional business models but we were the first “socialpreneurs” to recognize that society was miserable and chaotic, and stifled personal growth and development. People toiled like lemmings, fixated on making the most money and dying with the most toys.
In the decade of 1950’s couples were forced to marry just to have sex! That was the cause of the divorce rate soaring to fifty percent of marriages, not a good solution!
Our goal at Sandstone was to understand people and set them free! John and I created a “Shangri La” setting that was truly magical. People came with their inhibitions and left with a restored nature.

Before I met John he had done research to discover why society was so unhappy and miserable. Working with many professionals they concurred it was from a distorted view of sexuality that strayed from nature’s proscribed pathway. The research also revealed that our culture was built on false assumptions crafted by living through the ego, which produces a false self. Our heart has a magnetic field 500 times more powerful than our brain, and produces a real self. Which would you prefer?

After John discovered the dire nature of his research he thought there must be others working on the problem but there was not another sole or organization concerned. It really scared him! He was a great problem solver, a Mr. Fixit! He contemplated, that he would need a partner for this lofty challenge. So I showed up at his place of business to sell him an insurance policy and he sold me a great destiny. The unique talents each one brought was necessary to make Sandstone Retreat a reality. Soon we were married and on the journey as life partners.

We accumulated enough assets to buy Sandstone Retreat and ultimately invested $500,000 of our personal money. It was a gift to society which we did not have any regrets. We created a new lifestyle for ourselves and model it to the world and the idea is still germinating at different levels.
Our sexual patrimony has been dragged through the dirt far too long by people who are titillated or horrified by natural human intimacy. My wish is you will buy the book and share its history with me. This information is as applicable today as it was 45 years ago.

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