Bare Facts II

Bare FactsAt Sandstone the party goers were first checked in at the door, which faced into a crowded nude gathering in the living room. Part of their entry was a clothed walk through the dining room, then the kitchen and down the stairs to the famous ballroom. At the far end of this dimly-lighted room with posh red carpet they could sink their bare feet into, was a clothes rack where they could unveil themselves (optional) and hang their clothes up neatly.

Now they had options, either stay in the dimly lit ballroom at the bar or on a comfortable mattress in front of the fireplace or head back upstairs and mingle with old timers who were completely comfortable being in the nude. Believe or not, most went back up the stairs to mingle and probably have dinner. One great benefit of being nude; we didn’t need to be concerned about spilling drink or food, it washed off our body without a trace. (Needless to say, that was a tradeoff where hot or iced drinks were concerned!)

Of course, women with small breasts felt self-conscious and questioned GOD about why he had short changed them. Those women retaliated and (in the coming decades) went for the latest high-tech enhancements to come out of Silicone Valley.
Still they eagerly shed their clothing…down to the underpants. Taking off the underpants for some would only come when they felt comfortable enough, and not vulnerable in the environment. Soon they removed the underpants because they felt over dressed, and were surprised that no one stared at them.

The major concern for men was measuring up to the next guy. Was his cock too small or was it too large? Ultimately, it did not make a bit of difference because in the end it was a matter of how he used it to pleasure women. The size of their cock turned out to be the least of their concern. Another concern was being embarrassed walking around with an erection. Not a concern either. The real discovery came when all tensions were removed. it was hard to acquire an erection in such an open, honest and free environment like Sandstone. It often took time to build confidence in this new laid back environment. Sandstone’s environment helped by passively soaking up all the toxic body shame like one of those absorbent pads they advertise on TV, keeping it safely away from the skin.

For those of us that lived at Sandstone on a full time basis, it was utter drudgery having to put on clothes to go downtown grocery shopping or take care of other chores. In the summer clothes were hot and sticky to wear and generally uncomfortable. That’s when it became clear how nudity is a cultural rather than moral phenomenon—we had quickly retrained ourselves to feel awkward ADDING clothing. If we learned anything at Sandstone, it was that culture is something we create, and the things we create ought to bring us joy. Body shame should have been discarded as a bad, outmoded idea along with bellbottom jeans and lime green polyester leisure suits.

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