Become a Visionary

Every few years the old argument of nature vs. nurture surfaces. One side insists some people are born with a criminal bent, others insist that all bad people are born with a toxic environment.

Poor misguided fools—and I mean both sides! What they should be asking is not circumstances like nature vs. nurture, but rather a conscious choice to be proactive or a reactor. Many girls that grew up on a farm were reactors, waiting for luck to change and opportunity to knock. I decided to become an actor and take the bull by the horns.

Actively charting my course in life developed mental abilities that most people underuse. By most standards I am now considered a visionary.   I turned to Webster’s for clarification, and it described visionaries as possessing unusually acute foresight and imagination.

Wow, that was heady stuff for a girl from Haystack USA who struggled with a low sense of self-worth! In my lonely youth I often found comfort observing nature and connecting with other critters that seemed happier than me. Already I had missed learning how to play, which is an essential part of a healthy childhood. But I found the flip side to loneliness—solitude—and discovered the secret strength of meditation and contemplation.

As an actor, I was still a realist. The success I sought was delayed by Mother Nature, but that only gave me more time to plan and revise. Would I meet my dream Prince, and would we be happy forever after? Would we be productive and benefit our society?  My introspection was endless but I was satisfied with the answers. The best part, they were MY answers. I was an independent girl with an attitude.

Starting very young I became determined to live my own life. After all, it was my life and no one should even be trying to lay claim to it. However, I witnessed other people meddling in lives where they had no business.  This caused me to be aloof to outside meddlers.  It seemed easier for them to attempt to tell others what to do instead of tending to their own life.  Never the less, I was and am solely in charge! We only get one life to live on this planet earth! Make the most of it without interference.

Don’t feel sorry for me during my challenging childhood days.  Meeting the challenges in my life has caused some to observe that I developed into the strongest personality they have ever known. That is payment enough for me.

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