One of the Sexual Revolution pioneers, Barbara Williamson, shares her story for the first time ever as cofounder of the highly successful and controversial Sandstone Retreat in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Sandstone Retreat quickly became outrageously popular with membership reaching five hundred, and numerous newspapers, magazines, books, movies, and television shows clamoring for interviews. It became known as the hub of the sexual revolution. Barbara’s life partner John was branded as “The Messiah of Sex” and Barbara herself as “The Most Liberated Woman in America.” University professors nationwide rushed to visit this new kind of unstructured free love community to view and study members joyously living an alternative lifestyle. The dress code was optional but most everyone preferred nudity. The goal at Sandstone was understanding society and setting it free. They believed in the sexual self as being at the core of organized social behavior. When sexuality is distorted, it leads to a distortion of the basic self.



Hi Barbara,

“My partner and I just finished your book about your inspiring life. Wow! We took turns reading each chapter out load and enjoyed every part. What an amazing life! We felt so close reading it together and it gave us wonderful conversations about so many topics.

We have been exploring this topic of sexual freedom. We really enjoyed your story and the implications of what makes meaningful relationships. Your openness and purity is so refreshing.

Just to tell you a little bit about us, we live in Reno and are both recently retired. I had a successful business career in Lighting Sales, and Rich in Human Resources. We met two years ago and knew right away that we were meant to be together. We both feel that we are finally experiencing what a true love relationship should be.

Reading about your and John’s closeness was very valuable and inspiring to us. We would love just meet, chat and be around your energy.

Can we buy you lunch in Fallon some day soon? Please say yes 🙂

With much love and appreciation”

~Karin and Rich

This book is nothing less than a Pied Piper, and it will carry you to new horizons of thoughts and feelings.”

John Burkitt

This book gives you a glimpse into an extraordinary life that will fascinate and entertain you. You won’t want it to end. A MUST READ.”

Ruth S. Anderson

“Its particular wonderment is to see the world through Barbara’s eyes, as she is transformed from a quiet farm girl to one of the iconic figures of her era. To see the great changes that came to America not as front page news stories, but as daily moments. And to see bit by bit how a person can become something new and powerful while still retaining their innate character.”

Jonathan Dana

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