Author Barbara Williamson shares her story for the first time ever as co-founder of the highly successful and controversial Sandstone Retreat in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
Sandstone Retreat quickly became outrageously popular, with membership reaching 500 and numerous newspapers, magazines, books, movies and television shows clamoring for interviews.

Sandstone Retreat became known as the hub of the sexual revolution. Williamson was branded “The Most Liberated Woman in America” and her life partner, John, was named “The Messiah of Sex”.  Williamson’s goal at Sandstone was to understand society and set it free.

Upon Williamson’s retirement, she settled in Fallon, NV and responded to an urgent call to save the lives of lions and tigers facing homelessness and euthanasia.
Within 30 days, a permanent home was built for them. Williamson says she was driven to learn how to feed and care for them. This book offers insight into the wild cats’ personalities. It may shock you to know how much alike humans are to these magical creatures on the brink of extinction.

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“I will be absolutely honest with you when I first started reading Free Love and the Sexual Revolution – Finding Yourself by Removing Sexual Boundaries I wasn’t sure what to expect…. I am glad I decided to go ahead and read this book because it was a very pleasant surprise.” -Sheila
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“Barbara Williamson is a great writer…. A fast, fun, and exciting read.” -Molly