Everything Old is New Again

This morning when I got up, I stuck a toe in the universe and did not immediately draw it back. I could almost hear John poking his head from behind a comet saying, “Come on in, the galaxy’s fine!” And it is. The mid-term election results have offered us all a reprieve from anarchy. Yes, I said that and I meant that. I’m all about sexual freedom but I didn’t say a thing about anarchy—sexual or otherwise. Freedom is being able to drive where you please on a nice spring day. Anarchy is skidding out of control on a winter layer of ice. Who wants that?

I ask myself; why would we throw away our wonderful freedoms for anarchy? It would remove at least the semblance of distributed power and give way for a few bright boys to seize the moment, feel important, and have power and control over everyone else. We’re talking about replacing the old trope of white superiority with the new and improved socialist superiority, but otherwise the same old game of one group crushing under another because “those people” are not fit to run this country. We’re talking crackpot studies showing that more educated people tend to vote Democrat. As if Republican ideas of small government are the product of stupid minds. Well given what the Democrats are doing to the educational system that shapes our young people, that’s hardly surprising.

John and I fought slavery. We fought for freedom from puritanical oppression and I continue to fight for freedom from any sort of oppression. That especially includes the government telling me how to spend my money, run my life, or phrase my language. We have already been that road in the last century. The luxury of Freedom in America is such a blessing and keeps the universe smiling on us. May we keep it that way!

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