Featured Author Markie Madden and Latest Book: My Butterfly Cancer

I live in the small country town of Fisk, Missouri, with my husband, two teenage daughters, three rescue dogs, and a horse. Before I had cancer, I was a manager at the local auto parts store, but I’ve been unable to return to the traditional workforce after my intensive treatments. This allows me to concentrate on my writing!

I released all three books at pretty much the same time, but the last one is my memoir, My Butterfly Cancer. I wrote it hoping to be an inspiration for those who are suffering cancer or other life-threatening illness.

You can find all my books at Amazon, Createspace, Barnes and Noble, and many other retailers (print versions), and My Butterfly Cancer has just been released in digital format through Smashwords for Nook, iPhone, Kobo, and many other readers. It, and my other two, are also available for Kindle.

My memoir is the shockingly-honest and harsh account of a year in the life of a cancer patient. I didn’t hold anything back, even down to the most embarrassing of details. I hope this will help others understand exactly how hard it is going through something like that, but on the other hand, realize that it CAN be overcome.

I hope to inspire and strengthen those going through life-threatening illness by demonstrating that, while I’m not the same person I was before cancer, I’m still here, and a survivor, and I’m getting used to the person that I am now. I went through hell and came out the other side, and I’m thriving in spite of it!

I’m already hard at work on a new crime/paranormal series called The Undead Unit Series. In a world where supernatural beings (vampires, werewolves, and many more) live and work among humans, the Dallas police department is putting together a special investigative unit to deal with crimes among the Undead. Book One is Fang and Claw; Lacey Anderson, who is a vampire, has just been put in charge of the Undead Unit. Her second-in-command and partner, Colton, is a werewolf with anger management issues whose ancestors were the pack that destroyed Lacey’s coven hundreds of years ago, leaving Lacey for dead. Can they learn to work together, or is the Undead Unit doomed to failure?

I have two non-fiction books and one romantic fantasy fiction novel. I am self-published, even creating my own publishing company, Metamorph Publishing, as a platform to publish my own books. But I’m also working with two other aspiring independent authors to make their dreams of publishing come true. I use anything and everything I can to get my books out there. You can find me on pretty much every social media network, I exchange interviews with other authors, I read and review other books, and generally make a pest of myself on social media. šŸ™‚ I’ve also used paid ads, giveaways, and anything I can think of. I’m a member of Shelfari, GoodReads, and Scribophile.

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