What Happened to ‘The Most Liberated Woman in America’?

I am standing in the living room of a wood-paneled modular house out in the Nevada desert. Alongside me is Barbara Williamson, once called “the most liberated woman in America”; and slinking toward us, across the grayed-out carpeting, is a large, muscular, wild animal. read more

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  1. My wife Maggie and I first met John and Barbara Williamson at their magnificent Sandstone Retreat mountain estate during a UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute Halloween party they hosted there in 1969.

    That event of highly benevolent debauchery began a seven-year journey and a collection of experiences that profoundly affected our lives — up to this very moment.

    Maggie was a student of the late, renowned anthropologist, Sally Binford, who had directed us to that party. Both were great admirers of Margaret Mead, who had lived with and studied the sexual practices of various Pacific Islanders. We later observed that Mead’s work was one of the many supporting pillars of research and scholarship underlying the Sandstone Experience.

    On April 1, 1970, Maggie and I committed to the Sandstone Lifestyle and at John and Barbara’s invitation moved onto the estate and into a little vine-covered cottage at the head of the sheer Las Flores Canyon with a 1700-foot elevated view of the vast Pacific Ocean horizon beyond.

    For more information, buy and read Barbara’s book.

    Marty Zitter
    Pasadena, CA

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