My beloved spiritual guide

t20430160Ms Peggy Sue Lynx

“Lynx” is a short word full of unusual letters. In short, it’s the perfect name for a compact cat with a great spirit. People ask me if a lynx can be tamed to make a good pet. I tell them that only humans can be tamed, and that is not one of their better qualities. Peggy Sue was never any more my pet than John was, but like John she is a great companion.

Peggy Sue relished being adopted into our family. She inherently knew we were devoted to her personal growth and transformation rather than using her for amusement, affection, or prestige. As our companion, she blossomed and reached her lynxly potential. (If “lynxly” is not a word, I don’t want to know). By her first birthday she had developed several unique performances. Her hat trick, for example, is a surprise without peer and always draws sustained applause. For an especially attentive audience she will often spin rapidly on one foot, much like an ice skater, for a stunning grand finale.

Peggy has always pursued life with a lynx’ passion, impressing people with her personality and spirit. And if this story is to have a moral, as a good story should, it is only that surrounded by grace, love, and dignity, a tiny lynx has adopted these virtues as her own. Peggy Sue has become a far more wonderful being and cherished companion than most of us would ever have thought possible. We hope you may come to appreciate and respect the complex, sensitive nature of this brave, beautiful soul and work to save the remaining wild Lynx.

She has advanced from a loner to a lover. She is the keeper of secrets, while knowing everything she will not tell. She had, what she thought to be a funny looking playmate named Streaker the African Serval love cat.

Streaker assumed the responsibility of teaching Peggy Sue how to play and then to snuggle with him, which was the beginning of teaching her to be a love cat. Well, soon boredom over- shadowed their relationship and suddenly Streaker realized he wanted to lavish his love on us humans and so he did.

He climbed in bed with me each night, parked himself on my pillow, threw his arms (golf club legs) around me and that is the way we slept, until he would tighten his choke hold and I would push him away. That did not bother him because he simply moved over to John and threw his arms around him for the rest of the night. Our little guy (42 pounds) became possessive and when Peggy Sue came to bed he chased her off despite our cry of objection. He screamed, but she doesn’t know anything about love! Everyone should know Servals are the official love cats.

African Servals were plagued with inbreeding that shortened their lives. We suffered heartbreak when Streaker’s maker summoned him to cross over the rainbow bridge. Relief came for Peggy Sue; now she could have a designated place in the bed with us. Our morning ritual was; I would go for a cup of coffee and bring it back to bed, and Peggy Sue would be at my side insisting that I share the aroma of coffee with her. If not, she would swat my cup and splash hot coffee on me. After that she would circle around behind us and pull our hair. Finally she did calm down and snuggle up beside me or curl up in John’s arm pit.

Peggy Sue felt her almighty power when she was able to organize a set time for the three of us to enjoy family hour together. Sometimes we played soft music and other times only solitude. We felt so blessed and enriched while Peggy Sue guided us on an amazing heavenly spiritual journey much like the story we never wanted to end.

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