Big Cat collage 6x9 300dpi color

In “Through the Looking Glass,” Lewis Carroll’s Alice pondered her reflection in the mirror, and that of the room behind her. Everything was the same, yet reversed. Were there other differences in this inverse world? Did each door and window lead to a richer and more fascinating diversity?
I used to think that book was fiction until I looked into my Lynx’s eyes one day and Peggy Sue looked back. I saw myself reflected there, even as I saw the rest of the room behind me. But the Barbara that is reflected in Peggy’s eyes is different, and the deeper I look, the more different she is.

The Barbara that lives in Peggy never grew up on a farm, never meekly took an insult or contented herself with an introspective world that shrank from the harsh touch of life on a farm the way oil shrinks from water. No, that Barbara, despite being a bipedal human, must have slain a rabbit beneath the harvest moon or wrestled passionately with a lovesick stranger in the camphor fragrant pine barrens. And this Barbara seems to look at me with a puckish touch of mischief, ready to take my hand and pull me through the looking glass if I can just leave my baggage behind.

It is at moments like this that I realize her world is civilization. While our Watts and Detroit languish and wither to dust, it is nature who plants another flower for every one plucked, sprouts another sapling by the stump of a mighty monarch. In that world emotions are the spice of life, they are meant to be savored, not hidden behind a porcelain mask of propriety. There are contests, but never wars.

That said, I can only hope that those who follow me will not waste their youthful energies coming as far as I did from the straight rows of corn and their rigid, repressive moral code. I will always be my past, but then again I will always be my future too. It is alright to know that ideality is just as real as disappointment and heartbreak, and that mankind—if it endures—may reach it.
In the meanwhile I have my own routine, and it feeds my soul. Let me share a day with you.

Each day begins for me and Peggy Sue around 5 a .m. in our desert sage bush kingdom. I am tuned into feeling the flow of life, love & happiness while sitting in my living room surroundings with dear and precious Ms Lynx. Breakfast is the first thing on her mind so I quickly get her food then listen while she crunches chicken bones. After that she comes by for a sniff of my coffee.

Myself, I can do with a cup of coffee and a couple glasses of water while I Peer out thru the living room window and imagine my body levitating into the universe and ponder where my meditation journey will take me and what new souls/friends I will meet along the way.
I believe that I have some special offerings for the world. On the other hand maybe it is a figment of my imagination.

Throughout my hour of meditation I feel my own inner feelings of resistance at the thought of entering my office. Feelings of frustration and fear of the cold digital world are seeping through the walls like a dragon and cancels out my wonderful feelings of being human. The crippling effect on my emotions and psyche are very real and places restraint on success promoting my book.

I ask GOD for help! How do I face and erase this fear? Social networks seem devoid of feeling and emotions. I find this distasteful! I know high Tech is here to stay but what about being happy and enjoying daily life. Is there no time to have coffee with a friend and enjoy some meaningful conversation? Oh, that’s old stuff. People seem compelled to write text and push buttons and wait impatiently for a response. I note that hi-tech is controlling people rather than the other way around.

For a long time I have had the deep seated belief that hi-tech is having a crippling effect on humans or perhaps will be the death of humanity. At the very least Robots will steal their survival!

Everyday technology is dominating and dividing us further from communications with one another, as well as developing important relationships, feeling our feelings, and managing our emotions that are necessary to living a healthy and happy life of a real human being.

I call out to my sister on the other side of Peggy’s hazel eyes. She gives me a naughty side glance and the hint of a smile. “Hey Babs, are you going to finish that sausage?” Oh, did I forget to mention that Peggy Sue has projected a few of her vices onto me as well? But that, my friends, is another story.

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